Kyiv, 11.05.2004

EU Project "Health Financing and Management in Ukraine" will hold a open seminar "Health Insurance: Lessons from European Union" on 18 - 20 May 2004. During the seminar will be discussed lessons and experience of health insurance introduction in Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia and Poland.

The seminar will consist of plenary sessions, work groups with round table discussions, presentations of work groups, final discussion, final statement and closing plenary session. In the plenary session the general subject will be presented and then the more detailed discussion will start in the group of people interested in this subject.

The program of the seminar will includes the following issues :

Health insurance low ( how Ukrainian proposal of mandatory social insurance can be improved);

  • Critical Analysis of insurance Systems in EU and Eastern Europe (what reformed health systems are closer to te future Ukrainian and why);
  • Health care management and financing in transitional period (what activities should be carried out in every hospital and policlinic in order to fulfill insurance system requirements);
  • Local government should support in transitional period ( how local government should support changes in regional hospitals and policlinics);
  • Change management and public relation ( how to make a effective PR campaigns, what could be happen when PR is neglected: Polish experience).

Ministry of health representatives, governmental officials, health care managers, workers of educational centers, persons interested in the topic, journalists are invited to take part in work of the seminar.